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At The Foot of the Mountain [entries|friends|calendar]
Jake, The Diamond Dog

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Mod Post [06 Aug 2005|04:38am]
My PC's modem died a sad, sad death by lightning strike (no kidding). Now I am using a Mac and LiveJournal does not display correctly. I am receiving requests to join this community in my email, but am incapable of approving or rejecting any of them. If anyone would like to take over modding this community until I once again have a machine that can handle LiveJournal, I would be grateful. I don't know how that works, how to transfer modship, but doing do is the only way to keep membership in this community growing. Comment here or, failing that, send me an email at thirtysilver@yahoo.com. If you choose to do the latter, make sure "virtualsex mod volunteer" is in the heading so I don't delete it!

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[24 Oct 2004|12:54am]
I wonder how much Bam Margera's parents are paid to by MTV. I'll bet it's a lot.
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Water [23 Jun 2004|06:32am]
I have been drinking a lot of water. As a result, my pee is clear. Remember that unseen promo for Fight Club
Tyler: "Did you know that healthy urine is sterile? That's right: you can drink it."

Well my urine is healthy, but I will not be drinking it.
In order to stay properly hydrated, a human needs to drink a lot of water. I should put bottled water into one of those beer helmets.
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